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UMWA Health and Retirement Funds

RODS Index

Cumulative Index of Opinions – September 2019
Note: This Index of Opinions follows the general format of the Employer Benefit Plans. Opinions are arranged alphabetically by subject matter. Opinions under the 1978 National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement (Wage Agreement) are listed by number only, i.e.”38.” All others are designated with the Wage Agreement year as a prefix, i.e.”88‑390.” Coal Act Cases are listed with the prefix “CA”. A Q&A with a prefix of “81” is a health Q&A. All others are eligibility Q&A’s. To view an opinion, just click on the highlighted ROD number. To return to the Index, just click on the back arrow.
Article II – Eligibility
   B. Pensioners
Article III – Benefits
   A. Health Benefits
          1)   Inpatient Hospital Benefits
          2)   Outpatient Hospital Benefits
          4)   Prescription Drugs
          6)   Home Health Services and Equipment
          7)   Other Benefits
          8)   Copayments and Deductibles
          9)   Vision Care Program
          10) General Provisions
          11) General Exclusions
   D. General Provisions
          1) Continuation of Coverage
          2) Advanced Insurance Premiums
          3) Conversion Privilege