What Happens When I File A ROD?
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UMWA Health and Retirement Funds

What Happens When I File A ROD?


To File a ROD, the employee or pensioner should contact his or her local UMWA representative (Click here for a list of UMWA Offices). Next, the UMWA representative will send the ROD to the UMWA Health and Retirement Funds (Funds). The Funds' Manager of Conflict Resolution will contact either the representative or the complainant to determine whether the complainant has, as required, first appealed the issue in dispute to the coal company's Plan Administrator. If the Plan Administrator has reviewed the dispute and the issue has not been resolved, the Trustees will then proceed with their review. After the Trustees have reviewed the dispute and issued a decision, the complainant and respondent receive copies of the decision. Article XX, Section(e)(5) of the Wage Agreement states that "such decision of the Trustees shall be final and binding on the parties."